CHIAPPA Unterhebelrepetierer 1892 Mare's Leg .45 COLT

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CHIAPPA  Unterhebelrepetierer  1892 Mare's Leg  .45 COLT

  • Hersteller: CHIAPPA
  • Modell: Unterhebelrepetierer 1892 Mare's Leg 
  • Kaliber:  .45 COLT
  • System: Unterhebelrepetierer
  • Kammerstengel: Rund Nussbaumholz
  • Schaft: Walnuss-Holz geölt
  • Lauflänge: 12"
  • Gesamtlänge: 61cm
  • Sicherung: Keine
  • Magazinkapazität: 5 Schuss Röhrenmagazin
  • Visier: Korn fix / Hinten Carbine Ladder Adjustable Windage & Elevation
  • Zustand: Neu

Introduced in 1958 by the western TV series Wanted: Dead or Alive, used by Steve McQueens character, bounty hunter Josh Randall to capture or kill movie screen bad guys. The Mares Leg® version of the 1892 has captured the imagination and desire of fans and shooters alike ever since. The Mares Leg® is built from ground up as a lever action handgun with a pistol grip length stock and pistol length barrel.

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