FABARM BDF AXIS RS Sporting 12/76 Black

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FABARM BDF AXIS RS Sporting 12/76 Black

  • Manufacturer: FABARM - Italy
  • Model: Axis RS Sporting 76/12 Black
  • Caliber: 12 / 76
  • System: OVER/Under
  • Trigger: Racing adjustable
  • Sight: Front - White rounded
  • Front Stock: Wood with chequering
  • Rear Stock: Wood adjustable
  • Barrel length: 760mm / 30"
  • Weight: 3,65kg
  • Proof Test : 1630 Bar 
  • NEW
  • Ideal for sportshooters and hunters

Category C Weapon: Mandatory Registration

Pick up at the shop, Flinte und Büchse in Tulln.

FABARM AXIS RS 12 Sporting

When it comes to shooting the new Axis RS 12 Sporting in competition, you are being everything but Sporting. The Axis RS 12 is the whole package – balance, durability, good trigger, barrel performance, perfect stock dimensions, and low recoil. The Axis Free-Floating Barrels feature the advanced TRIBORE HP™ tapered bores that lower recoil and reduce the need for excessively long forcing cones. Each gun comes with five EXIS HP™ choke tubes with a proprietary hyperbolic design that is a ballistic match to the tapered barrel bores. The result is devastating performance down range with all types of shot sizes and velocities.

The deeply blued Axis RS 12 action was purpose built as a target gun. The heavy duty 43mm wide action combined with a monolithic locking lug makes the Axis an extremely durable platform. The fore-end iron utilizes an adjustable mechanism to allow the action tension to be tightened at will for ease of service. An adjustable trigger features a light, crisp trigger pull. Stocks and fore-ends are made from Turkish walnut and have a protective Triwood™ finish. This finish gives an extra level of protection while adding beautiful grain to the stock and fore-end. All Axis stocks accept the optional Fabarm KINETIK™ recoil reducer that is easy to install and remove to tune the balance of the gun. The Fabarm Micro Metric™ adjustable comb and left hand stocks are also available as an option.

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