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How to counteract the risk of injury in knife attacks and stab wounds

Every day we read about attacks with knives or weapons on innocent people who are travelling by public transport or who are on their way home at a later hour.

You cannot protect yourself against everything and everyone, but at least you can make a significant contribution to self-protection yourself in order to significantly reduce the risk of injury in an attack with a stabbing weapon.

By wearing cut - and stab-proof safety clothing, perpetrators have less chance of inflicting serious injuries on the victim.

New and exclusive only available from us

Undershirt Black Skin V1

Undershirt made of cut and puncture - resistant extreme textile. This clothing is sewn in the form of an undershirt made of double-layered extreme textile with up to 1600N penetration resistance and is ideal for concealed wearing under the service clothing or suits.

Protects against the penetration of blunt and dangerous everyday and everyday objects that could be used for stabbing attacks (scissors, screwdrivers, cutlery, broken glass shards from beer bottles or measuring jugs, utility knives with wide blade tip). Particularly suitable for security and police services for self-protection in unmanageable situations.

Available in sizes L and XL. Store.

Please note: safety clothing and protective vests are not taken back, no return or exchange possible

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