Walther PPQ M2 NAVY SD, 15-shot, 9 mm x 19

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The M-series is the WALTHER PPQ was introduced at Shot Show 2013, initially only for US customers. From the IWA 2014 this design is also for all the other markets available. The M2-Version of the magazine button on the left side, instead of the previous rocker in the trigger guard. The
Button can be implemented for left-handed players on the right side, the slide catch lever is designed from the factory to both sides.
Available the PPQ M2 is in the calibers, 9 x 19 mm and .45 ACP, equipped with a firing pin lock and a pre-stressed, soft common trigger that triggers at 25 N. All other features of the PPQ, and thus also the technical data remain unchanged.
The shift knob is contrary to the desire of many to Protect, and this both among the IPSC Shooters as well as the police. For individual markets, to differentiate "Classic" referred to the basic version with shutter rocker is made but limited further.

NEW: PPQ M2 NAVY SD 9 mm x 19

The third variant is the WALTHER PPQ M2 NAVY SD and comes as a Four-inch Version in caliber 9 x 19 mm with a silencer running (118 instead of 102 mm long, threaded 1/2" x 28) and with a magazine with 15 and 17 cartridges.

System auto loader Kaliber9 mm x 19Magazin –

/Trommelkapazität15 Shot


automatischeGriff3 interchangeable grip back

Deduction Quick Defense,

pre-trigger weight is 2500 g clamps

Shoot'em Up trigger back to the Handle

72 mm bore center axis to the shooting hand

25 mm sights steel sights

with phosphorus, the 3-DotVisierlänge

155 mm drive PolygonLauflänge117 4,6" mm dimensions (L/H/B)198/135/34 mm weight 720g

Special feature(s)MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail

Packaging Plastic Box

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